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Head Start Reviewer Consultant Information

What Do Reviewer Consultants Do?

Reviewers travel independently to Head Start program(s) and collect data using The Office of Head Start Monitoring Protocol. Reviewer travel is booked by DLH; however, a personal credit card is required for any expenses that are not direct billed to DLH.

Reviewers must maintain an online profile and calendar that is used for review invitation purposes. However, the number of reviews received varies based on a number of different factors.

On-site activities vary based on the area of performance being monitored, but tasks may include conducting classroom observations, reviewing documents, and/or interviewing staff. All work must be completed during the on-site review.

The honoraria rate for FY18 is $375 per day. Reviewers receive reimbursement for meals, incidental expenses and other miscellaneous expenses. Honorarium is not paid for travel time, but reviewers receive reimbursement for meals and incidental expenses. To learn more about Per Diem Rates, please visit the General Services Administration (GSA) website,

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Reviewer Consultant?

Support the Head Start vision—You would provide information to The Office of Head Start, which would be used to help support their priorities. To learn more about the priorities please visit the Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center (ECLKC) website,

Participate with a flexible schedule—You would have the ability to indicate which weeks you are available to be invited for a review.

Travel—You would have the opportunity to travel to different Head Start programs, which are located in all 50 States and the U.S. territories.


What are some of the Requirements of a Reviewer Consultant?

Upon successfully finishing the application process, you would then be required to complete the following:

  • Electronically sign a consultant agreement, in which you would acknowledge that you will be an independent consultant and not an employee.
  • Complete a W9, to be used for tax purposes.
  • Furnish a laptop and a smartphone.
  • Complete online profiles and calendar.
  • Complete a set of training activities.